About Museum


Waah Chacha Waah! Born 1955 Still Going Strong.

Sardar Surindar Singh Gujral (1911-1996), from a well to do family, migrated from undivided Punjab, in 1947 and arrived penniless to Mount Abu. After lot of struggle he managed to establish a handicraft store. He was affectionately called CHACHA or Uncle by the residents of Mount Abu.

Chacha envisaged a shop with curios, artifacts, handicrafts and souvenirs from all over India especially RAJASTHAN. Thus the name CHACHA MUSEUM - "THE MUSEUM LIKE SHOP.”



Chacha Museum established in 1955 where SHOPPING IS A PLEASURE. Chacha Museum is the Biggest and Oldest handicraft emporium in Mount Abu. CHACHA SURINDAR Singh is the Pioneer of the handicrafts industry, now one of the main stays of the tourist industry of Mount Abu.

We at CHACHA’S still give you the authentic painstakingly hand crafted curio-A MARVEL-in today's age where millions of pieces are made by machines. Your patronage will help a dying art and skill flourish.


We are proud to state that CHACHA MUSEUM is a Landmark and a “MUST SEE” in the tourist's itinerary. It is probably impossible to find so many varieties of ART under one roof.

Your visit to Mount Abu is incomplete unless you visit Chacha Museum - The Museum Like Shop.